Grader scraper
On a
creage and farm land, irrigation earthworks, lawn tractor mower size units, to dump truck towed, grading scraper laser bucket pull pan dirt scoop levelling implement attachment, manufactured for use in,
Military ordinance earthmoving, field mowing marshal area, airport mowed and field drainage maintenance, agriculture field paddock earthmoving, sports field arenas venues turf landscape contractor equipment.
Grader scraper hydraulic and electric actuators for soil gravel dirt sand, laser levelling or precision gps controlled software generated design, for farm or civil construction. Mining bulk material excavation or cattle feedlot piggery and poultry housing pen maintenance.

Supplying all sizes of Hydraulic grading scraping tractor towed pull pan implements, suited for national farm irrigated  developments, dry and irrigation farmers, civil construction developments, settlements, government sport fitness fields, racing clubs, golf course developments and mining activities.
For Owners, Operators and Civil Contractors hire or for sale grader scraper implement platform

Dugong Grader Scraper Laser Bucket Pull Pan

Grader Scraper Pull Pan Laser Bucket

Robots are waiting to do the work for you.
Electric actuators are available with all Dugongs.
If you are in Irrigation farming, dry area farming, Station farming,
Mining for ore, lawn landscaping contractor, market garden or a hobby farmer.
Start an enquiry to
enjoy pulling your Dugong Grader Scraper for profit.
Dugong Pull Pan trains increase profit your pulling profits.

Competitors have twice the operation cost so you can
trust flexing the Dugong Grader Scraper Pull Pan Laser Bucket Muscle.

Mine with a top loaded Dugong, underground, in a divot, in a hole and on the side of a mountain,
bulk loads with a grading scraping pulled Dugong.

Military Actions.

Grader Scraper Pull Pan laser Bucket sites still in development.
Competitors unable to finish what was started.

Dugong Grader Scraper is designed as a globally universal agricultural, civilian and military tractor towed implement platform, pacifically to assist countries engineering solutions.

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Hydraulic Grader Scraper construction building sites have the advantages of single unit operations for excavation and reconstruction earthmoving operating over long distances. These construction site options maybe transporting material to a location for a result required in dirt compaction, or some other survey material engineering requirement option for site or road transportation.
Realistic expectations of the tractor towed pull pan or Grader scraper is a cycle of 10 loads per hr over a 2km round trip carrying 30 tons. View a YouTube video for more info under laser bucket or pull pan hydraulic grader scraper.
Farm or construction site Control options will fit this hydraulic Grader scraper pull pan. The hydraulic equipment on this grader scraper, pull pan, laser bucket complying with international law and Australian hydraulic law enforced under OHAS. Most importantly gives more hydraulic fluid to other options (hydraulic cushion hitches) in the varying sizes when grading or scraping in your area of expertise.  
Driverless tractor options were considered when drawing up a design for this grader scraper pull pan or laser bucket patent. Some of these options are with loading and unloading hydraulics and side levelling.

The Dugong 1400 series tractor earthmoving attachment implement is best suited to cover area. The implement can cover at 5 km’s per hr average speed 7000 square metres with bulk land Precision GPS or without on farm or construction levelling. The attachment for a tractor is also an implement for a tractor. The earthmoving attachment implement is suited to 30 hp. The Dugong 1400 series and above, will have no problem handling all control systems available to control blade height by laser or software to create the models in earth you require on farm or construction levelling.
The implement attachment will operate in dry dirt, gravel, sand and in tandem with other 1400 series in a train format on farm or construction levelling. Tennis courts, Olympic pool bottoms, field hockey pitches, golf courses, lawn bowls and other such bulk land Precision GPS areas where a heavy earthmoving attachment implement is an advantage. No problem side loading soil material from a truck moving or stationary while grading and or add a rubber blade to protect grasses. Add material for compaction at a depth for bulk land Precision GPS consistency required.
Precision GPS and computer designs earthmoving applied to the Dugong series is the same just the size that matters to you and your bulk land levelling or bulk surface excavation earthmoving, no matter your tractor trailer bulldozer mining truck or farm tractor.
Known as an agricultural towed earthmoving land forming scoop is now well intrenched in construction as a pull pan grader scraper bulk land Precision GPS farm implement attachment.

Land grading or land planing or a ground preparation method. This maybe to to kill diseases, funguses, insects and breakup plant material or all of the above. Using hydraulic grader scraper bucket GPS precision.
Currently large HP tractors grading scraping for earthmoving bulk excavation have become available presumably popular due to earthmoving grading or towed grader scraper pull pan laser bucket applications in the field. Possibly just money spent in this area overall of late.
Franks Final Grade offers custom train format grading meaning one pass two or three grades at once for land farm tractors.
This can be achieved with wider towed grader scraper pull pan laser bucket carrying more or less with the platform still applying what ever chemical seed liquid if desired.
Options are relatively in expensive and can be applied to normal width units. Skilled operators will breeze the operation of the train format or laser agricultural towed tow control pull pan.
Civil, irrigation, sports venues, military fields all share soil issues to be addressed moving bulk top soil moving and or materials.
Red tape and government hurdles off any colour tape are not the problem. Farming with modern hand tools such as this are not nearly as useful as they should be. Despite Steiger generation tractors having been fitted with switches for such combinations during the 80’s.
A one boat policy temporally disrupted with China’s entry into the market however this maybe in doubt. Pick and pay farming may have to be an old board room business plan.
Mining construction levelling implement attachments for material are yet to catch the eye of the simple bulking of mines.
Complaining about the rules and guidelines is not the answer to todays issues in the paddock, a storm cloud filled with rain on the horizon.

Lawn and turf areas are useful Grader Scraper Pull Pan areas as they usually are large in square meterage such as an acreage property. The reduction in lawn mower costs to both the operator and client, plus the overall look of areas created with the Grader Scraper Pull Pan either with GPS controlled guidance or laser levelling machine controlled units working areas designed in software. Software driven machine control is not always important like a surveyor . Simply an area shovelled by a Grader Scraper laser bucket Pull Pan in your own way is what it is all about in earthmoving. Implement attachments to the Grader Scraper laser bucket Pull Pan over turf and acreage areas will help improve your OCD levels of enjoyment with your acreage property. Mowing mowers contractors all cost money.
Lawn mowers have the ability to be connected easily and dealers will have no problem fitting the tow ball needed and 12v outlet. Spreading soil gravel and other things for large areas has just got easy. A Saturday morning paper boy volunteer while at golf or reading the paper.
Tractor mower Laser scoop scrapers, also known as laser bucket scrapers, are augmented scrapers with a laser guided scoop trailer or laser bucket towed at the rear of the mower. These towed scrapers offer extensive acreage property field levelling capabilities with size their advanced finished accuracy for push mower lawn.
Dugong mower implement attachment to be towed as a grader scraper pull pan laser bucket for your turf area, golf course, field sport, acreage property living or civil plan from Franks Final Grade.

Bobcat grading hire and for sale are comparative. This type of machine grader will not cover the areas the same as grader scraper pull pan units. If its just smoothing an area get a rake it is cheaper. Towed implements have the advantage. So why at the same cost as a bladed bobcat a grader scraper pull pan or scoop would you bother with a bobcat implement attachment. Does twice the things a single blade can do, at around the same cost. Shovelling material around the site to the right areas without disconnecting. Machine control same as bobcat grading hire and the grader scraper pull pan for sale should have far more enquiries.

Road Grader for sale Grader Scraper Laser Bucket Pull Pan for sale both have condition issues or new price tag balance. Widest road grader is far a different price to a pull pan laser bucket grader scraper when comparing cutting edges. Operation of the equipment is key to a choice if your operation can compare a laser bucket pull pan grader scraper to a road grader, if not you’re talking to the wrong employee or staff member. Franks Final Grade believes both are a deep relationship with construction standard practises from the past based on operator availability and or skills available to the buyer.

Dugong Scraper Scoop feedlot cattle pen, poultry housing equipment, piggery pen bed cleaning disinfecting removing floor bedding and spreading new bedding. On site or contamination quarantining management. With a choice of wood steel plastic and aluminium special purpose Grader Scraper Laser Bucket Pull Pan, the platform options for spraying disinfecting to spray as you remove or lay the feedlot cattle pen, poultry housing equipment, piggery pen bed . Take full control of feedlot cattle pen, poultry housing equipment, piggery pen bed management cleaning disinfecting and other such issues. Feedlot cattle pen, poultry housing equipment, piggery pen bed is not an on farm health issue with a Dugong Grader Scraper Laser Bucket Pull Pan. Cover large areas a day with narrow units for those places. Wood Dugong Grader Scraper Laser Bucket Pull Pan for feedlot cattle pen, poultry housing equipment, piggery pen bed has the incineration option. The relief of reselling our cheapest option.

Platform Attachment Implements
Tractor towed implements.
Atv Gator attachments.
Platform on top of the scraper is used as a utility area for farm civil site areas.
Franks Final Grade video channel has more ideas on how it can be used.
Market garden, farmer, mining and acreage land owners can attach sprayer, plow, lawn care tools and mining, civil water tanks road stablising agents.
Sports field care on golf courses would include soil, sand, gravel and
other such material to deminished areas or repairs to lawn turfed sporting areas.
The custom of a model tyres mostly can be at the jod site needs after purchase,
by drilling the new wheel bracket using the old template wheel mount bolt holes, fitting them in the space first as desired.