Grader scraper laser bucket pull pan hydraulic tractor towed dugong provides a weighty implement for serious farm equipment needs. Not the light weight agricultural equipment used for grading scraping. Tough grader scrapers at an affordable price for earthmoving as implements for projects of all sizes. Adjust the grader scraper blade how you want it.
Add laser control for a grader scraper making a laser bucket for laser levelling finishes to land forming or fit and utilise one of the many other systems available to form land.
Make almost any land form one can image or create from the different computing programs available. Switch to manual use for free hand creative earthmoving of bulk earthworks and mining application haulage. Car parks sports fields site cleanups waste transfer sites anywhere else volume and grader scraper size can be matched. The Dugong grader scraper has the weight ratios to dominate construction mine and irrigation farm soil types material.
Dugong grader scraper adjusted parts and setups can improve the attitude of a Dugong hydraulic grading scraping excavation development.

Laser Bucket Grader Scraper Pull Pan is designed as a globally universal agricultural, civilian and military tractor towed implement platform, pacifically to assist countries engineering solutions.

Hydraulic grading scraping pull pan laaser bucket tractor towed pull pan implements, suited for national farm irrigated  developments, dry and irrigation farmers, civil construction developments, settlements, government sport fitness fields, racing clubs, golf course developments and mining activities.
Hydraulic Grader Scraper construction building sites have the advantages of single unit operations for excavation and reconstruction earthmoving operating over long distances. These construction site options maybe transporting material to a location for a result required in dirt compaction, or some other survey material engineering requirement option for site or road transportation.
Realistic expectations of the tractor towed pull pan or Grader scraper is a cycle of 10 loads per hr over a 2km round trip carrying 30 tons. View a YouTube video for more info under laser bucket or pull pan hydraulic grader scraper.
Farm or construction site Control options will fit this hydraulic Grader scraper pull pan. The hydraulic equipment on this grader scraper, pull pan, laser bucket complying with international law and Australian hydraulic law enforced under OHAS. Most importantly gives more hydraulic fluid to other options (hydraulic cushion hitches) in the varying sizes when grading or scraping in your area of expertise.  
Driverless tractor options were considered when drawing up a design for this grader scraper pull pan or laser bucket patent. Some of these options are with loading and unloading hydraulics and side levelling.

The Dugong 1400 series tractor earthmoving attachment implement is best suited to cover area. The implement can cover at 5 km’s per hr average speed 7000 square metres with bulk land Precision GPS or without on farm or construction levelling. The attachment for a tractor is also an implement for a tractor. The earthmoving attachment implement is suited to 30 hp. The Dugong 1400 series and above, will have no problem handling all control systems avaliable to control blade height by laser or software to create the models in earth you require on farm or construction levelling.
The implement attachment will operate in dry dirt, gravel, sand and in tandem with other 1400 series in a train format on farm or construction levelling. Tennis courts, oylmpic pool bottoms, field hockey pitches, golf courses, lawn bowls and other such bulk land Precision GPS areas where a heavy earthmoving attachment implement is an advantage. No problem side loading soil material from a truck moving or stationary while grading and or add a rubber blade to protect grasses. Add material for compaction at a depth for bulk land Precision GPS consistency required.
Precision GPS and computer designs earthmoving applied to the Dugong series is the same just the size that matters to you and your bulk land levelling or bulk surface excavation earthmoving, no matter your tractor trailer bulldozer mining truck or farm tractor.
Known as an agricultural towed earthmoving land forming scoop is now well intrenched in construction as a pull pan grader scraper bulk land Precision GPS farm implement attachment.