This Pull Pan Grader Scraper or tractor grade control able towed laser bucket implement. Is the leading choice of effective earthmoving equipment for the farmer or growers, post earthwork's excavation activities. This agricultural and construction implement is for land forming soil material or civil aggregates on dry or irrigated land and even levelling sports fields.  

Handling costs for grading or grade control laser levelling have cubic yard volumes, that can be large and will need to be performed repeatedly, consistently, cost affectively with the Pull Pan Grader Scraper or laser bucket, which can be done as economically as all construction equipment available over the largest of areas.  

Compaction on building sites or the soil consistency required, is best assessed by site preparation engineers or farm survey consultants for the required depths. This is achieved on agricultural farm land or on construction sites by the varying degrees of volume requested to be moved by this Pull Pan Grader Scraper, laser bucket. The Dugong Pull Pan Grader Scraper laser bucket will achieve the desired results cheaper than the hoe excavation styles where practical spaces apply would be pre building, construction of sports fields, housing estates, farm fields, roads and any other long to short haul areas.  

The Grader Scraper implement is a hydraulic tractor towed ejection drawn type pull pan, or applied as a laser controlled grade control laser bucket Grader Scraper, pull pan, laser grading, land forming, sports field construction, for the agricultural farm paddock and field construction site industry, the excavation grading or finishing of earthmoving earthworks 

Dugong Grader Scraper is designed as a globally universal agricultural, civilian and military tractor towed implement platform, pacifically to assist countries engineering solutions.  

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